Gather crucial evidence to inform future investment, learning innovation and success stories

LearnerLab takes a campaign approach to evaluation. This means we embed evaluation into your project work stream and communication flow so it adds value throughout the journey.

Our approach will help you:

  1. Understand whether or not your learning programme is delivering against target and expectation
  2. Improve and innovate
  3. Demonstrate value of investment to business sponsors or executive committee
  4. Secure more investment
  5. Engage people who have a stake in success e.g. learners, line managers, suppliers and business sponsors
  6. Share success stories and show leadership

Quick win evaluation support

Ideal for individual programmes – we provide design, execution and analysis via surveys, focus groups, line manager feedback, peer review as well as existing performance data to build your story or business case.
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Evaluation toolkit

Our online evaluation toolkit, tailored to your organisation, will provide performance support to your team empowering them to take ownership of ongoing evaluation requirements.
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