Audience insight

It’s vital to get a deeper understanding of your audience in their context of online learners at work

There can be a big disconnect between what learners want and think they need and the solutions that are available to them. With the increase of ‘optional’ online learning solutions, and explicit performance enhancers such as communities of practice, it’s vital to get a deeper understanding of your audience in their context of online learners at work.

Learner research and profiling

Using a combination of survey, focus groups and stakeholder interviews we help you understand what motivates your audience enabling them to get the best from your learning programmes.

Find out:

  • Why and how people like to learn for work – motivations and preferences
  • What current challenges they face
  • What they think is important
  • What conversations they are having with reports and line managers
  • How they relate to existing learning services – awareness, use and perceived value
  • How they behave online at work and in their personal lives e.g. channels, devices and social media use

Corporate insight

Coupling people’s concerns and motivations with corporate goals will help you promote a shared purpose that makes it clear why your learning programme is important. Just how is it going to help your people as individuals, as a team and as an organisation? We review your corporate and learning strategies, brand, performance requirements and project goals to provide context and ensure alignment.

What will this achieve?

Our audience research and corporate insight will help you achieve strategic alignment, articulate an accurate user context and create audience profiles providing a clear view of goals, benefits and barriers to feed into communications, content and evaluation plans. The output is specific recommendations to underpin successful strategies going forward.