Engagement strategies for learning

We develop engagement strategies to help corporate learning teams and education providers better connect with their global audiences.

Why LearnerLab?

The digital consumer space is having an impact on online learning, which is becoming hard to ignore. The quality of experiences we enjoy in our personal lives has raised expectations in education and at work. Major consumer brands, responsible for setting this benchmark, are dedicated to understanding their audience, providing seamless experiences and responding to analytics in a quest for constant improvement.

Adopting evidence-based engagement techniques is an opportunity too great to miss for education and corporate learning. We created LearnerLab to respond to this challenge.

The result: engagement strategies to help you meet and greet increasing audience expectations for learning online.

Our ideas

How strong is your learning brand?

How strong is your learning brand?

Last month Carl ran a workshop at World of Learning for platinum delegates exploring why learning brands are more important than ever before. We covered a range of topics including: • An anatomy of your learning brand and how to judge its health • Strategies for...
Making learning replayable – lessons from games

Making learning replayable – lessons from games

I’ve been following a few conversations over the past six months about the connection between game and learning design. Karl Kapp, a gamification expert, who writes extensively on the topic, suggests that learning designers should be able to make great games as...

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